As the summer ends, kids head back to school.  Not just the kids, adults in college too!  With the help of several listeners we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall and back to school with the top 10 best back to school songs.  Enjoy!


Lia's Deserted Island Top 10 list

-Music you must have if you're ever stuck on a deserted island-


The process of narrowing down and finely tuning a desert island top ten is one of many steps. 
Step 1:  Say OUT LOUD the name of every single cd you’re listening to right now.
Step 2:  Admonish yourself for admitting out loud that you have a Michael Buble cd in your car right now (and rule it out as a contender immediately)
Step 3:  Be honest about your musical tastes and your history.  The two are intertwined.  Who you were and where you were factors into your musical choices.  Songs are memories.  Which memories are the strongest?
Step 4:  Go home and look at EVERY SINGLE CD in your library.  Sit on your bed into the wee hours of the morning putting your entire cd library into piles.  One pile for NO.  Another for NOT MINE.  Another for MAYBE.  Another for YES, etc.
Step 5: Watch High  Infidelity because that is such an awesome movie and totally relevant to this Top Ten List.
Step 6:  DO NOT ALLOW YOUR SPOUSE/PARTNER TO HAVE ANY SAY IN YOUR TOP TEN.  Tell them to make their own and to NOT make fun of the fact that you put Notorious B.I.G. on your list.
Step 7:  Narrow it down to 20.  Ask yourself if anyone will laugh at you (besides your spouse.)
Step 8:  Close your eyes and randomly choose 10.  If you feel guilty that you didn’t choose certain CD’s then create an “honorable mention’ category and tack it onto the end of your list.


Top 10 Songs with Saturday in the Title

In honor of Brad Paisley's "American Saturday Night" hitting number 1,  Lia asked her listeners to submit their lists of songs that have Saturday in the title.  It was a tough one, but Amber (pictured above) sent in the best list.  So here is her list of Top 10 songs (plus one)!


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