Guy Who Beat Up Uber Driver is Fired By Taco Bell


Karma.  It really has a way of equalizing events in our lives.  So this  DRUNK guy who was caught on video beating the living tar out of an Uber driver after arguing over directions was employed as a marketing person for Taco Bell.

Emphasis on was.

Taco Bell fired him faster than a drive thru line after the lunch rush.  Taco Bell may not know the true definition of “Fire Sauce” but they do know bad publicity when they see it.  Plus, ironic that the guy was a marketing person…so he should’ve known as well that getting drunk and beating up an Uber driver who probably had a camera in his car was not going to end well.

Oh and he was also arrested for public intoxication and assault.  And he got pepper sprayed. And permanently banned from ever using Uber ever again.