Thor: Dog Of Thunder

Meet Thor:


 Courtesy of Harrisburg Humane Society

Thor is originally A Texas Dog but now he can claim temporary residence in California.  The thing is, we may never know how he got there. Thor the pit bull disappeared after the Hurtado family escaped their home after the banks of the Blanco River in Texas broke in the spring. The family was forced to leave their three dogs at home as they evacuated the area. They returned to find that two of the animals were safe, but that Thor was nowhere to be seen.

Fast forward to September when a police officer in Crescent City, CA. found Thor wondering the streets.  He took him to the vet, they checked for a microchip and…it was Thor.

Thor’s family took an almost total loss of their home during the floods and were unable to come up with the $1500 to get Thor back to Texas.  However dog people are amazing and a bunch of them from Texas and California banded together to try to come up with a way to get him home.  Thor will soon be making the trip back home thanks to a really awesome long haul truck driver.

Now I’m only speculating but I think Thor saw the floods as an opportunity to fulfill his lifetime dream of becoming an actor.  So he hitched a ride to Cali and spent 6 months going to audition after audition after audition.  Sadly he couldn’t get a waiter or busboy gig at night (it’s hard to hold a platter if you don’t have thumbs) so his money and luck ran out and he ended up on the street.

In all seriousness I’m glad Thor is going home.  He looks like a really good dog.

Here’s a video of goofy Thor.  You need to watch it.