Luke Bryan Rocks a ‘Stache For No Shave November

luke pornstache
So Luke Bryan is taking part in “No Shave November” (yes I guess that’s still around…) and he tweeted out a cute picture of himself and his son, Bo recently.
I believe most men have issue with getting their facial hair to grow out evenly. Guys feel free to correct me but I understand some guys have these little naked spots, like patches of face desert where no hair seems to ever grow. I’d say Luke might have a few of those on his chin. However it’s early still and Luke’s got plenty of November left AND he’s got one heck of a sporty ‘stache which makes up for bare spots on his chin, yes?  He looks like he should be starring as a motorcycle cop in a 70’s TV series. (*roll the CHIP’s theme here*)
And if you want to feel OLD…check out how much Bo has grown up.  Wow he looks just like his momma!
(twitter @lukebryanonline)