Blake Shelton Rescues Four Muddy Men…With A Little Help From Betty!


Blake Shelton returned home last week after taping “The Voice,” found four fellows frolicking in the mud.  And not in a fun way, either.   In an interview with E! News, one man explains how he, a cousin and two friends found themselves in trouble.

“We were at the river looking and slid off into a mud hole for about two hours,” Bryar Blanton told E! News. “Then me and my buddy Adrian started walking and Blake Shelton stopped and asked if we needed some help.” Entertainment Tonight reports the other men were Adrian Poplin, Lenyell Blanton and Josh Turner. Shelton was with his dog Betty.

Blake tried to pull them out with his truck but realized it just wasn’t enough.  So he left and returned with his trusty tractor!

Bryan said Blake, ” is an all around good caring guy.”  Yeah, that he is!