Holiday Twitter War No. 1: The Reese’s “Tree”

Now the issue with the Reese’s Tree isn’t a new thing and this is the first year I’ve seen it trend on Twitter.  Since 2004 my beloved Reese’s has been pumping out ‘tree’ shaped cups.  However they’ve never really looked like trees…take a look:


I mean come on.  What does that look like to you?  And the white ones are even worse:


For the life of me the thousands of faux social justice warriors on social media, WHY can’t Reese’s come up with an actual mold for these things!?  According to a Reeses/Hershey’s spokeswoman, “these products are not solid chocolate made in molds, which would have a more distinct shape.  They are soft peanut butter centers that are enrobed in chocolate, a process which by its nature creates a less distinct shape.”

Now here’s the best part.  Reese’s sees a double digit increase in sales of their peanut butter cups during the holidays which means people quickly get past eating something that looks like a turd because…it’s a Reese’s.  It’s a little turd-shaped lump of yummy.