Prepare To Get Hit (In The Mouth) With “Key Lime Slime”



The Ghostbuster reboot hits theaters in July but those zany marketing geniuses know it’s never too early to cash in on a franchise.  Hostess is hopping on the Ghostbusters train with the new “Key Lime Slime” Twinkie.


Yes…it looks exactly like you would picture it in your head.  Ecto Cooler Hi-C’s are coming, too.  Prepare yo’ kids.  Hide your slime Twinkies.  I have no idea exactly when you’ll be able to purchase these etco-slimey confections but I’m certain my daughter will let me know.  Maybe I’ll punish her this weekend by making her watch Ghostbusters 2.


Hostess Tweeted out a picture of the new Twinkies today.  Don’t it look nom nom nommy?


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