Michael McCastle 12 Labors Interview


Not too long ago you saw a story about Michael McCastle and his 12 Labors. Now you can check out a Lia Show interview with the man himself.

If you arent aware of Michael McCastle and his 12 Labors project then here is a quick refresher. McCastle has ran 50k wearing a 40lb vest, set a world record in flipping a 250lb tire 137 spans along a 500-foot paved street, climbed a rope equivalent to Mt. Everest in under 27 hours, and did 5,804 pull-ups while wearing a 30 pound pack (which destroyed the previous world record), all in support of raising awareness and charity funds for our veterans.  After September 11th McCastle was inspired to join the military where he is still currently serving in the Navy as an Air Traffic Controller. But this service didnt stop with the Navy, as Mike served he came across some shocking truths. Over 22 veterans kill themselves every day. This statistic included a close personal friend of Mike’s.

Mike compares himself to Hercules. Even naming his feats after the feats of the classic hero and his 12 labors. On may 22nd, McCastle plans to haul a 2.2 ton truck across 22 miles of scorching desert in Death Valley California. “Death Valley represents the mind afflicted with PTSD and depression,” said McCastle. “The feat symbolizes hope for life and recovery. I have partnered with 10 of the leading veteran suicide organizations in the country to raise $10,000 for this monumental effort.” And he wont stop there either. THis is only the 5th of what he calls “12 Labors”. All of which are designed to raise awareness for various charitable organizations for our veterans.

To hear more about McCastle and his amazing acts, check out the full interview up top.