Florida Georgia Line Responds To “Backstage Cop Trouble”

Where are your instruments plugged into FGL? The water? That's how you get electrocuted.

Brian and Tyler from Florida Georgia Line clearly had some communication issues with law enforcement over the weekend at two different shows.  According to TMZ:

Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver tells TMZ he was headed backstage Saturday night at the Great Jones County Fair to discuss security protocol with the band when he was stopped by a crew member and told no uniformed officers were allowed backstage, per the band.

Sheriff Graver says he was told the country duo even threatened to pull the plug on the concert if they saw any cops.

Graver says midway through the performance, he was told the band wanted a police escort out of town after the show — but he told them he wouldn’t spend “one tax dollar assisting them” … after being disrespected.

He says the band’s management scrambled for other law enforcement agencies to provide the escort … but they also told FGL to kick rocks. They ended up leaving on their own. (tmz.com)

Apparently something similar thing happened with Wisconsin cops last week.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told Fox News, “We were on the grounds the entire event covering the camp sites, festival grounds and also [backstage]. I was informed the [Florida Georgia Line] spokesperson had made the request prior to the concert that no law enforcement be backstage while they were on the grounds.” He also said he “never found out why the band[‘s] agent made this request” and he “was a little taken back by the request.” However, the request was not honored as police were present for the entirety of the Country Thunder Musical Festival in Kenosha.

Brian and Tyler issued a statement today via social media in response:


Again we want to think this was a major communication breakdown.  Lesson:  Make sure you and your crew are on the same page before someone speaks on your behalf.

Check out the story HERE on TMZ.