Garth Brooks Sells 5 Millionth Tour Ticket

Last Friday (Feb 24th), Garth Brooks celebrated an astonishing career milestone when his tour partner, and life partner, Trisha Yearwood stopped her set to congratulate the country super star on selling his 5 Millionth Tour Ticket.

Trisha called Jared Smith, President of Ticketmaster and Michael Evans, President of Arenas for Live Nation, onstage during her set at Rogers Place in Edmonton, AB. They presented Garth with a commemorative plaque to mark the five million tickets he sold in 100 cities during his 1996-1998 world tour. But the adulation didnt stop there.  They also presented the country super star with a second plaque honoring the five millionth ticket sold on his current tour, making a note that while it took 100 cities to sell that many tickets previously, this time it took just 60 cities to hit the same number.

Brooks tried to leave to let his wife continue, but Trisha stopped him and invited up Bob Nicholson, Oilers Entertainment Group CEO & Vice Chair and Susan Darrington, General Manager of Rogers Place. They unveiled a banner hanging from the rafters that celebrated the five millionth ticket sold, as well as nine sold-out concerts at the new Rogers Place in Edmonton. The banner will now fly in the rafters alongside the championship banners of the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Oil Kings.

But the surprises didn’t stop there. When Brooks again tried to escape again, he was stopped him one FINAL time for a recorded video message from hockey star Wayne Gretzky that played on the big screen in the arena, after which of course, the crowd went NUTS.

Brooks thanked his fans on social media, saying: “Thank you for getting us where we’re at,” in a video he posted to Facebook. “Thank you for this celebration … I never thought we’d be here again. And the coolest thing is, every day after this, we’re re-writing history.”

Lets hope for another 5 million sold. This time in maybe only… 40 cities?