Giant Chicken Walks the Earth

A friend of my family when I was much younger had a chicken farm. I’ve been around chickens. I’ve held chickens. I’ve fed chickens. I like to believe I have a pretty good grasp on what a chicken is. Armed with that knowledge I can assure you, without a shadow of a DOUBT, that this beast is a dinosaur.

Of course, the owner of this beast from beyond time would like you to believe that this is a Brahma Rooster. The Brahma Rooster being an especially large breed of foul that can grow quite large. However; I’ve had my crack team of scientists put down their Nintendo Switches and study this video extensively. My team was sound in the idea that this must be a dinosaur but then spent the rest of the meeting musing about how many chicken nuggets it would make.

Oh well, I guess I’ll sleep tonight knowing that Dinosaurs roam this earth once more and that if 2 pounds of chicken meat makes about 20 nuggets then a 18 pound foul would yield on the high end about 360 nuggets. Isn’t math fun?