Brothers Osborne get Robbed in New Video

Brothers Osborne blow it out of the park with their new music video, encompassing things like Presidents, Bank Robberies and Motorcycles. Normally we would say more but you just have to see it for yourself. Trust us! But John Osborne of Brothers Osborne did say this.

“The media these days is flooded with all things presidential and politics. No matter what happens, politicians all seem to pin the blame on something else as opposed to being accountable for their own actions. We felt the connection with the song title was perfect.”

“John and I always like song titles that aren’t immediately obvious but are common everyday sayings,” says TJ. “We’re all guilty of saying ‘It Ain’t My Fault’ more so than it actually being true. When our co-writer Lee Thomas Miller brought up the idea, we loved it. We wanted a video that was as exciting as the music.”

Check out the video below.